Moved-in and "The Other Josh Cohen"

I’m officially moved-in to my first NYC apartment! In celebration, I went to the Off-Broadway musical called “The Other Josh Cohen”: a romantic comedy about theft and the US Postal Service. I heard about this musical from my parents, they saw and told me the guy that wrote and starred in this production actually grew up on my street. They were raving about it for weeks, so I decided to go with my girlfriend and my new roommate. I was blown away by the story, the songs, the comedy, and by the talent of the small cast of seven.

The stars (and writers) of the show were David Rossmer and Steve Rosen who played future Josh Cohen and present Josh Cohen respectively. The remaining five cast members (including David Rossmer) all played various instruments as well as played all the other characters that Josh Cohen interacts with throughout the show. I got the chance to talk with David Rossmer (the man that grew up on my street) and we chatted a bit about how my mom invited him to our street’s yearly block party, Otterbein’s internship system, and other Off-Broadway shows. He was an incredibly kind and talented man, and I really hope to see him soon in the future.

This experience made me excited to go see more Off-Broadway shows, as they are not only cheaper, but you get to meet some really nice people producing really nice theatre. Everyone should go see “The Other Josh Cohen”. You really don’t wanna miss your chance.

Left to Right: Payton, Abigail, Trey, David

Left to Right: Payton, Abigail, Trey, David