Mike Birbiglia's New One

This is my first Broadway show since I moved to the city, and I’m really happy it was this one. Mike Birbiglia has been in my top five standups for a while, ever since I watch his special My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend on Netflix. His approach to the form is a lot different than other comedians, because he takes the hour and a half to tell one story. My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend was about meeting his wife, Thank God for Jokes was about his love of this craft, and The New One was about battling with becoming a dad. And with the help of some Broadway magic, I think this is the best one yet.

Mike Birbiglia takes moments for sincerity in his shows, and has an incredible ability to control the audience's mood. He knows when he wants us to laugh, he knows when he wants us to really listen. While this was a comedy show, he told us a fantastic story that’s competitive with what’s on Broadway right now. My favorite parts of the show include his just kind of walking around the stage just to switch things up, when all of his daughters toys and gadgets came crashing from the rafters, the lighting design, and the opening segment. The whole show was phenomenal, but those are parts I really remember coming away from this show. I stagedoored the hell out of this show. He signed my Playbill and I got the chance to ask him a question. At the top of the show, he comes out in blackout to the simple set of a big rug, and a headset mic sitting atop stool centerstage. As he starts the show, he’s putting his mic on, tossing it through his shirt, and continuing to tell his story. So I asked, “why do you put your headset on when you come out, instead of backstage?”

He says that he wants the audience to be aware that it’s a show. A performance. Break the wall a bit. And because he has a hard time projecting.

Here’s my Mike Memorabilia.