Magnet Theatre, Premiere, And Musical Improv Level 1

I’ve been missing improv a lot since I left Otterbein. I was the president of the troupe at school, and it was jarring going from doing improv twice a week to none at all. So, I decided to enroll in a class that would allow me to practice singing, a little bit of acting, and improv: Musical Improv Level 1 at the Magnet Theatre. And it’s been a blast. 

This form is a lot more technical than “regular” improv, as it requires a base education for all of your scene partners. I’m the youngest in class, and I’ve been the youngest in almost every room I’ve been in since I got here. All ages and backgrounds are in this class, which is great because you get a bunch of different world views to expand on scene ideas. Both teachers do a fantastic job of making the class comfortable with failing and just going for it. 

When you enroll in a class at the Magnet, you get a student ID that allows you to see any improv show at the Magnet Theatre for free! So I decided to bop over to the theatre and see Premiere, their musical improv troupe, which also happens to feature my instructors. My instructor embodies what I want to be in an improviser, someone who gets the scene back on track and makes strong choices to move the plot in a positive direction. The show was about 45 minutes and it was phenomenal. I’m very happy I decided to take this class. I’m learning a lot, and it satisfies everything I left at Otterbein.

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