Trey Plutnicki


About Trey…

Trey was raised in River Edge, NJ. He currently is studying as a senior at Otterbein University, pursuing his BFA in Musical Theatre. As a freshman at River Dell High School, he found himself auditioning for his first musical after two of his teachers and his mom pressured him into doing so. He landed the role of an Oompa Loompa in Charlie and Chocolate Factory. This role kick-started his career, and Trey will deny any mention of it.

As a senior in high school, he started writing sketch comedy and stand-up, co-creating an underground comedy club in his high school’s television studio (coined “Media Geek Comedy”). Trey’s newfound love for comedy created an instinctual interest in improv, which now has taken over his life. At Otterbein, he’s the president of Mainstage Improv and plans on pursuing this dream further in the city.

Interests outside of theatre include journalism, satire news, video games, rock climbing, juggling, piano, and podcasts. Trey finds boring things extraordinarily exciting, such as Microsoft Excel and waiting rooms.