TWIRD Podcast | Episode 12

Welcome to the show! The format of “This Week in River Dell” has changed to allow for even wackier sketches to be made. In this episode, we dive into episode 12 of the show and discuss “Extreme Cheapskates”, “Weber Triplets”, and “Billy the Giant Spoon”.

TWIRD Podcast | Episode 11

Welcome to the show! In this episode, Alex and Trey discuss episode 11 of “This Week in River Dell”, entitled “The Buzz Show”. And naturally, Buzz is on as a guest! Buzz, Alex, and Trey talk about alternative comedy, the inspiration behind the show, and more!

TWIRD Podcast | Episode 10

Welcome to the show! In this episode, Alex and Trey discover how the TWIRD teams were picked. They talk about old videos they made when they were in elementary school, what it’s like to watch yourself on screen, and Traina comes on as a guest to talk about making and producing the show.

TWIRD Podcast | Episode 9

Welcome to the show! In this episode, Trey and Alex explore the “RDTV Cribs” episode of “This Week in River Dell”. They talk about their brand new movie idea, Shannon’s second ‘Stand-Out of the Week’, the Mandela Effect, and oh yeah, the ninth episode of TWIRD.

TWIRD Podcast | Episode 8

Welcome to the show! In this episode, Alex and Trey talk about episode eight of “This Week in River Dell”. They explore four sketches from the years past, talk about the 2019 Oscars, and discover the past of someone that went to my high school.

TWIRD Podcast | Episode 7

Welcome to the show! In this very spooky Halloween Special of This Week in River Dell, three of TWIRD’s cast members get brutally murdered. Alex and Trey talk about spooky things that happened to them in the past, and the ingredients of DayQuil and NyQuil.

TWIRD Podcast | Episode 6

Welcome to the show! Alex and I discuss episode 6 of the "This Weekend in River Dell": The Perspective. Trey calls up an old classmate, Kyle, so Alex can ask him an unanswered question from the previous episode.

TWIRD Podcast | Episode 4 & 5

Welcome to the show! In this special double-episode of the podcast, Trey and Alex talk about both episode four and five of "This Week in River Dell", including Delps, Buzz, and introducing a new segment "Kamikaze Call". Trey and Alex also talk about middle school and high school relationships.

TWIRD Podcast | Episode 3

Welcome to the show where Alex and Trey discuss a public access show Trey helped make in high school! In this episode, Alex and Trey discuss episode 3 of TWIRD, weird high school things, and introduce a new segment: Stand-Out of the Week!

TWIRD Podcast | Episode 2

Welcome to the show! In this episode, we discuss season two, episode two of a television show I helped make when I was in high school. We discuss pranks, "keeping it meta", and our recurring segment "Corrections!"

TWIRD Podcast | Episode 1

Welcome to the podcast! This is a show dedicated to a public access television show that Trey had a hand in making when he was in high school. Alex joins Trey to reflect on the television show four years later, and discover some truly wholesome and thoughtful moments within.